Hello everyone,

I want to share something incredible with you all. My name is Agnes, and I’m a breast cancer survivor. It’s been a tough road, but I’m here today thanks to the goodness of the Lord and some amazing support from Faforlife and Salud.

Nine months ago, I received the devastating news that I had stage two breast cancer. It was a frightening moment, but I didn’t lose hope. I reached out to my doctor, Dr. Franklin from Faforlife, who introduced me to Salud. At that time, Salud was still in the testing phase, but I began taking it alongside some other medications.

I took Salud faithfully, and I believe it played a significant role in my journey to recovery. When I went to India for further treatment, the doctors were surprised by how well I was doing despite not undergoing chemotherapy or other treatments in Nigeria. They performed various tests and determined that the cancer was present but hadn’t spread extensively. It was like a miracle.

I underwent surgery to remove the cancerous lump, and the results were better than expected. The surrounding tissue was mostly cancer-free, which was unexpected given my initial diagnosis. The doctors were amazed, but I knew in my heart that Salud had played a crucial role in halting the cancer’s spread.

After surgery, I continued taking Salud alongside other medications prescribed by the hospital. The doctors monitored me closely, and I’m happy to say that today, I am cancer-free.

Salud isn’t just a herbal drink; it’s been a lifeline for me. It helped alleviate the side effects of my medication and supported my body’s healing process. I’m forever grateful to Faforlife for introducing me to Salud and for their ongoing support.

If my story can offer hope to anyone fighting cancer, then sharing it is worth it. Remember, there’s always hope, even in the darkest moments. Stay strong, keep fighting, and never lose faith.

With gratitude, Agnes



1 BOTTLE 7 Day Supply

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Salud Herbal StemCell Supplement

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Salud Herbal StemCell Supplement 4 Bottles




Salud is an Herbal Supplement that is designed to offer support for those experiencing various tumors.

Tumors are abnormal growths of tissue that can occur anywhere in the body. They can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Here are some common types of tumors:

Benign Tumors: These tumors are non-cancerous and typically do not spread to other parts of the body. They may still cause health issues if they grow large enough or press on surrounding tissues or organs. Examples include fibroids and lipomas.

Malignant Tumors (Cancers): Malignant tumors are cancerous growths that can invade nearby tissues and spread to other parts of the body through a process called metastasis. There are many types of cancer, including breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and brain cancer.

Salud Herbal Stem Cell is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients known for their potential health benefits. While there’s no guarantee that any supplement can prevent or treat tumors, certain herbs and botanicals may possess properties that support overall health and potentially aid in the body’s natural defense mechanisms against tumor growth.

The ingredients in Salud Herbal Stem Cell are selected for their immune-supporting properties. While further research is needed to fully understand the effects of these ingredients on tumors, some studies suggest that certain herbs may have anti-tumor effects or may help modulate the body’s response to tumor growth.

Its important to note that while taking Salud, one should avoid an unhealthy life style and eating unhealthy foods


Salud Herbal Stem Cell is intended to support overall health and well-being and should not be considered a treatment or cure for tumors or cancer. Individuals with health concerns, including tumors, should seek advice from healthcare professionals for proper diagnosis and treatment.


SALUD Frequently Asked Questions

Salud Hebal Stem Cell Dietary Supplement is an impactful health supplement meticulously crafted to nourish and enhance your body’s vitality

  • For the young who which to stay fit and healthy
  • For the Elderly who which to prevent age related health Challenges
  • For Manage Sickle-cell  Crisis
  • For those who which to prevent Asthma crisis.
  • For preventing different types of Ulcers.
  • It  is for  weigh managment.
  • Used for managing various tomors


Salud Herbal is produced by FAFORLIFE a Pan African Wellness Company with Headquarter in
Lagos Nigeria.It is an enterprise dedicated to innovative research in the field of Organic Science. Salud is one of the lated additions to the quality products in Faforlife.

SALUD HERBAL Liquid Stem Cell can significantly Build the blood cells, Support a healthy immune response , Cleanse the Circulatory system, Help to balance the entire body system and Lay a solid foundation for healthy living. It combines the power of natural herbs to make the body  recover from various health challenges.

  • Take (20ml)  twice daily, morning (an hour before meal) and night before bed.
  • For children ages 7 to 10 (10 ml) l in the morning and night

Salud is a diatery supplement and as such can be taken on a regular basis to maintain a healthy body. On average one can consume a minimum of (6)Bottlea a Month however  for optimal effect one is required to take consistently for (3) Months to get positive results for severs health challenges,

  • Salud is Not taken by pregnant women, nursing mothers or those expecting to get pregnant.
  • Not for children under 7 years.

There are no known side effects. for taking Salud.

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