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  • DYNACE Rocenta Stem Cell Supplement (1 Pack)(1 sact)

    DYNACE Rocenta Stem Cell Supplement


    Benefits of DYNACE Rocenta Stem Cell Supplement:

      • Powerful antioxidant to delay aging and promote cell regeneration
      • Boosts the immune system
      • Eliminates environmental pollutants and heavy metals from the body
      • Promotes healthy weight loss
      • Improves sleep quality
      • Boosts metabolism and circulation
      • Reduces the risk of metabolic disorder symptoms
      • Regulates blood sugar levels
      • Repairs DNA
      • Enhances memory, cognitive function, eyesight, and vision
      • Supports joint and bone health
      • Boosts energy and nutrient absorption in the body
  • Sunhome Bitter Melon Softgel Capsule

    Take CONTROL!
    • Regulate carbohydrate and fat metabolism
    • Promote muscle cells and adipose tissue
    • Activate and restore insulin cells
    • Promote insulin secretion and glucose utilization
    • Effective for diabetes mellitus & nephropathy
    • Enhance vital energy
    • Promotes blood circulation
    • Alleviates polyorexia, fatigue, frequent thirst & urination