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  • Sunhome Cordyceps Sinensis Tea


    Benefits of cordyceps sinensis

    • Anti-Aging Properties.
    • Anti-Tumor Effects.
    • Reduce Inflammation.
    • Improves Athletic Performance.
    • Benefits Heart Health.
    • Help Manage Diabetes.
  • Sunhome Ginseng Tea

    Power Your Life!
    • Fights Fatigue
    • Gives Your Brain a Boost
    • Improves Your Mental Health
    • Protects Against Inflammation
    • Increases Cardiovascular Health
    • Supports the Libido
    • Helps with Blood Sugar Management
    • Helps Your Immune System
  • Sunhome Protein Powder Solid Beverage


    Feel Good PROTEIN!

    • Anti-bacterial and anti-viral functions, and can regulate immune function and resist oxidation.
    • Regulate blood fat, lower cholesterol, and prevent atherosclerosis. 
    • Maintain bone development and health.
    • Build muscles, increase strength, and improve movement effect.
    • Improve mental outlook, work and learning efficiency.
    • Promote lipolysis, weight management.
    • Reduce skin wrinkles and aging.
    • Promotes wound healing.
    • Can supplement breast milk for infants, providing crucial nutrients and promoting healthy growth.