Magnetic Cataplasm


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[Product name] Magnetic Cataplasm
[Product type] SKY-I
[Product specification] 7.5cm*11cm
[Product structure] It is made up of far-infrared ceramic powders, ferrite, multifunctional polymer hydrogels, non-woven fabric, silicon paper and etc..
1.Peel strength of no less than 1.0N/cm.
2.Holding viscosity of no more than 2.5mm.
3.Normal emissivity of no less than 0.75 in the range of far-infrared wavelengths.
4.Magnetic field should be in the range of 0.08T-0.10T.
[Functional scope] It applies to cervical syndrome, periarthritis, osteoarthritis, muscle inflammation, soft tissue injury and secondary treatment of lumbar muscle strain.
[Method] Clean affected part, uncover release liner of cataplasm, put the
adhesive on the affected part, gently press it, replace once for every 24 hours.
Every 7 days to 10 days as a course. Or use it in accordance with physician’
[Contraindications] fever, bleeding, active tuberculosis, cancer, skin damaged,
skin disorders, infections and allergies are disabled to use it.
[Considerations] Patients who is equipped with a pacemaker on the body or
be with implanted metallic object and pregnant woman with caution to use it.
[Warning] When the treatment is useless, please go to hospital in a timely
[Storage] Seal and store in a cool and dry place.

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