Sunhome Bitter Melon Softgel Capsule


  • Regulate carbohydrate and fat metabolism
  • Promote muscle cells and adipose tissue
  • Activate and restore insulin cells
  • Promote insulin secretion and glucose utilization
  • Effective for diabetes mellitus & nephropathy
  • Enhance vital energy
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Alleviates polyorexia, fatigue, frequent thirst & urination
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Best natural supplement for diabetes?

Sunhome Bitter Melon Softgel Capsule for Diabetes Management

Diabetes arises from the inability of islet cells to secrete insulin normally, resulting in metabolic disorders of sugar, protein, fat, water, and electrolytes. This leads to the inability to synthesize liver glycogen and muscle glycogen. A healthy lifestyle is crucial for effectively preventing and managing diabetes, as poorly managed diabetes can cause severe organ damage and even lead to death.

How Sunhome Bitter Melon Softgel Capsule Helps:

Sunhome Bitter Melon Softgel Capsule plays a vital role in regulating carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It promotes the absorption and utilization of sugar in the blood by muscle cells and adipose tissue, preventing diabetes-induced acidosis. This softgel also activates and restores insulin cells, promoting insulin secretion and improving glucose utilization.

Benefits of Sunhome Bitter Melon Softgel Capsule:

  • Lowers blood sugar content.
  • Prevents complications of diabetes.
  • Reduces physical symptoms associated with diabetes.

Main Functions:

  • Enhances vital energy and promotes blood circulation.
  • Effectively treats diabetes mellitus.
  • Alleviates symptoms such as impatience, excessive sweating, high urine volume, polyorexia (excessive appetite), fatigue, and frequent thirst.

Recommended For:

  • Individuals with fat accumulation and body weakness.
  • Those experiencing back pain, night sweats, and lower limb weakness.
  • People with a preference for fast food, indulgence in dinner parties, overeating, and high blood sugar.
  • Diabetic patients.

Main Ingredients and Contents: Each capsule contains Momordicin (Bitter Melon) 400mg, Propolis 50mg, and Pumpkin Seed Oil 50mg.

Dosage: Take two capsules once daily for optimal results.

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