Super Condensed laundry detergent sheets


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HYPERCONCENTRARBIOS NANOPED – DESENCRASSE LIQUIDE United Germany nanfisaso Group, Research and Development of the latest Nano – Cleaner products, Weather and non – injury Clothing, Deep – Fast soluble Clothing with Tenzin in the stains, without Phosphorus, Free Fluorescence White agent, Washing after Washing keep The Color brilliant, soft slide. A particularly powerful de-fouling liquid, capable of quickly removing stains on clothing, paint, and other stains that are difficult to remove, makes it easier for you to live. Ingredients: deionization Water, sodium ethoxyalkylsulfate, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Palmitate, sorbitol (Saccharide), diethanolamide, glycerol, Lauryl Alcohol polyether sodium sulfate, Dibutyl hydroxymethyle, Aromatics. Clothing applicability: all clothes for the hand washing machine. Recommended amount: 1 for 3 kilograms of dry clothing, if the stains are larger, add 1 more. Soak first in 20 minutes before washing, and it works better. Storage process: stored in a cool, dry place; avoiding contact with the water. Warning: if there are food shortages in young children, take plenty of water or milk before being treated.

Six advantages of laundry tablets:
1. Easy to carry and dissolve in case of water
2 is 6 times as much as the general cleaning items. Both hot and cold water can be used.
3 does not contain phosphorus
4 does not contain fluorescent whitening agent
5. Using new nanotechnology, the water used in laundry tablets can also be used for fish farming.
6 Good cleaning effect, lasting 36-48 hours of fragrance
A box of 24 tablets and a strong stain remover! It can wash 72 kilograms of clothes, equivalent to 7.2 kilograms of laundry liquid. One piece can wash nearly three kilograms of clothing.
(2) Cleaning power is six times as much as that of laundry detergent. Nanofibers make up honeycomb-like meshes, firmly adsorbing dirt and impurities in clothes and removing bacteria.
(3) The weight of laundry detergent is 1/25. Compared with several hundred grams or even kilograms of laundry powder and laundry liquid, the laundry tablets which are as light as feathers are light and thin, easy to store and carry.
(4) No phosphorus, no fluorescent whitening agent, plant environmental protection, no damage to clothing, PH value neutral.
(5) The water that washes clothes can raise fish, wash children’s clothes and underwear gently without hurting the skin.
_Lavender flavor, 36-48 hours! Spread fresh fragrance, help to remove sweat odor and other unpleasant odors, so that your washed clothes more fragrant.
_The price is only 1/2 of laundry detergent, which is essential for home products in Europe and America.
The color-locked particles can effectively prevent the fading of clothes, and ensure that the color of clothes after washing is as bright as before.
Rich in super bactericidal factors, inhibit the growth of mites in clothing, protect your skin health.

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